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English 100 14 12-11-2014 Female Artists Music style has always been undergoing change. With each generation, music genres are refined, mixed, lost, or rediscovered. The women artists of the 1970’s had their own defined style that was not easily confused with multiple genres. In other words, people wouldn’t define an artist like Dolly Parton as primarily being a pop and bluegrass artist because her technique was clearly that of country. With the shift in technology, modern female vocalists style are not particularity defined in a single genre, but rather they are considered pop mixed with a plethora of other genres. People generally state that the modern style of music is pop, but pop is a very vague description and doesn’t really summarize any modern day female vocalist’s techniques. Although the genre and techniques of singing are different, the lyrical topics of the songs are generally the same today as they were in the 1970’s. Aretha Franklin, known as the queen of soul, was known for her strong vocals. Her vocals were spot on and very powerful, which was perfect for her soulful style. Some of her top songs, Respect, I Say A Little Prayer, Think, and You Make Me Feel Like displays some of her vocal talents. The lyrical theme of the songs themselves almost always had to deal with relationships as most female artists songs are. The relationships in Aretha Franklin songs were primarily more focused on…show more content…
Taylor Swift is completely modernize, although she used to be country-like and similar to Dolly Parton, she has now transitioned into the realm of stereotypical pop where vocal presentation is often not amazing, and catchiness is more important than meaningfulness. Regardless, both of these artists’ songs are written about relationships between a men and a

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