Character Development In Monsters, Inc´s Lilo And Stitch

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Monster films come suited for people of all ages even children. Two very popular children's monster movies that hit screens in the early 2000s would change the way adults saw monsters. Monsters, Inc and Lilo and Stitch are both about monsters interacting with children. As a summary Monsters, Inc is a company in a world for only monsters that produces its energy by the screams of children. Two of the best scarers in the field attempt to set a record but that is set aside when a little girl is accidentally brought into the monster world. Disney’s Lilo and Stitch tells the story of a lab creation who escapes prison and tries to co-exist with Lilo and her family. Stitch was created for evil, to destroy what ever he touched but Lilo tries to teach…show more content…
The movie does a decent job of character development. There are very few examples of characters who evolve greatly throughout the movie but where they are they did well. In the beginning of the film we meet Stitch and see him constantly destroying things. The first night he spends with Lilo he builds a replica of a town out of Lilo’s toys. Lilo is so excited that Stitch finally did something nice but her hopes are soon crushed as Stitch starts gnawing and stomping on her toys pretending to destroy the town. Stich continues to destroy things as he goes to help Nani search for a job. He causes stampedes at the beach and laughs as another character accidentally sets fire to their…show more content…
For the duration of the movie there are a few mysteries but not nearly as many as the movie above. The plot in Monsters, Inc is much more simple that Lilo and Stitch. The biggest mystery of the movie is when someone leaves a door on the scare floor open and a young girl comes into the monster world. Sully the protagonist in the movie finds her is quite frightened by her at first. Him and his partner Mike who is also a protagonist spend the movie trying to get Boo back to her door. The characterization in this movie is also very clear. It was easy to identify Sully and Mike as protagonist and Randal as the antagonist. Randal and Sully are competing for the title of top scarer. As Sully continues on his adventure of trying to return Boo to her home he discovers that Randal has been cheating and thats how he is so close to beating the record. There are several examples of strong character development through out the film. Many relationships are questioned and changed drastically. In the beginning Sully has an awesome relation ship with his boss, Mr. Waternoose because he has been the top performer for a while now. But as the story progress Mr. Waternoose sides with Randal and turns on Sully. He banishes them to the Himalayas where Mike and Sully’s relationship is starting to be questionable. Under the pressure Mikes snaps and refuses to help Sully go find Boo. Sully and Boo’s

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