Character Analysis Of King Shahrazad

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Power and privilege were two topics that made themselves prominent throughout every story. In context, Shahrazad, was a compliant prisoner to a man entitled King Shahrayar whom possessed copious negative character traits like aggressiveness, arrogance and irrationalism. King Shahrayar was upset due to his wife’s deception which caused him to label all women as evil (Pg 9). As a form of what can be described as detrimental therapy the king vowed to marry one woman every night, bed her, then proceed to kill her the next morning until he was satisfied (Pg 14). Furthermore, he had all the recourses to achieve his goal as he was king and no civilian dared to blatantly tell him to stop, until Shahrazad. Utilizing unconventional resources, she gained power over the king by adamantly distracting him with her words night after night. She was privileged to be allowed to sleep in the king’s bed for more than one night, nevertheless she took advantage of her time. With sparse tones Shahrazad, a young, courageous, educated woman, utilized her talents of imagery and creativeness to encapture the kings interest while sparing over 1,000 different females by causing King Shahrayar to fall in love while teaching him moral lessons of power, forgiveness, revenge, and gender roles On the first night, King Shahrayar slowly became enchanted…show more content…
Throughout the novel women are dehumanized and continuously ridiculed. Furthermore, women are not allowed to have titles, meaning that women of status were referred to as wives or girls not queens and princesses. Nevertheless, on the twenty first night, little boys are referred to as princes (Pg 64). The juxtaposition of the grown woman who are treated with a lack of respect compared to the little boy who is treated with respect is striking. However, there are interesting moments where women are given power, in the instance of Shahrazad due to her creative stories which keeps her

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