Caylee Anthony Case Study

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In the case of Caylee Anthony is a tragic story of how a two year-old girl who went missing June 2008. In December 2008 her body was found in a swampy wooded area just a short distance from her home. That was not where she was killed. Her body was dumped at that location. (Press, 2011) Entomological evidence would prove to be a bit of importance with her autopsy. “Entomological evidence is the study of insect activity associated with a dead body.” The insects could tell a lab technician a lot about the found body. They could tell you the approximate time of death, if a body was moved after they were killed, if the person had used drugs or was drugged, and where a wound may be found. All of this information can prove to be extremely important to an investigation. (Tina Young, 2011) The blow fly and the decomposing flesh both become very important in this case. The blow fly is important because they are attracted to the dead body. They also have stages of life. There are four stages of life for them. Depending what stage…show more content…
It is extremely important to get all of the photographs you can because one you start to disturb the site there is no going back at all. Then remove trash and vegetation carefully and check for discoloration of the soil. Then you are going to have to make off the grave site. Once it is marked off then you have to draw the sight out and use a GPS to get the exact location of everything. Once you are done with that then you have to remove the top soil very carefully until you have a flat surface to work with. (Tina Young, 2011) Once you have the flat surface you need to tread even more carefully so you do not damage any possible evidence. As you find evidence then you need to photograph it and proceed with the evidence collection guide lines. When you find the body remove just enough dirt to determine how the body is positioned then stop. (Tina Young,

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