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Yogendra Rana, a civilian who risked his life for saving the lives of hundreds of stranded pilgrims at Kedarnath, is a name that is synonymous for bravery. His story of valor and pride has touched the depths of the soul of the people of Uttarakhand. This brave son of Uttarakhand has contributed his efforts in carrying out the rescue operations held at Kedarnath in June, 2013. It has been two years since the havoc occurred but the efforts of a great soul has not been recognized yet. There is no such thing as bravery only degrees of fear Yogendra Rana’s act of valor reminds, there is no such thing as bravery only degrees of fear. Rana used to work as an operation manager at the base of Giridev Aviation. In the evening of June 17, 2013 Yogendra Rana along with the captain of Giridev Aviation saw the havoc caused by the floods which was a dreadful sight indeed. On June 18 they conducted a rescue mission to evacuate pilgrims from Jungle Chatti, Rambada and Garud Chatti. Yogendra Rana used to risk his life by jumping from the chopper flying at a height of 5 to 7 feet, in order to help the stranded pilgrims. He carried this rescue operation at least 20 times a day. About 200 people were rescued from Jungle Chatti and on June 21 Indian army also came…show more content…
He says, “I had never done the drill (winching) but I volunteered because I wanted to save the lives of the stranded pilgrims. The district authority refused any insurance cover to me but I still went ahead for the sake of people’s lives”. Being an acquisitive mountaineer, he was well acquainted with the drill. He recalls the nerve-raking incidence and tells, “The chopper hovered over Garurchatti and then started flying towards the ground. I could see people waving their hands at me. Bodies were hanging on the trees and on rocks; there was death and destruction

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