Case Study Encourage Nurses With Associate's Degree And Reimbursement

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Briefly describe the recommendation Healthcare organizations should encourage their nurses with associate’s and diploma degrees to enter baccalaureate nursing programs to earn. This recommendation requires nurses to increase baccalaureate degree from fifty to eighty percent by 2020 (IOM, 2011). How does the selected recommendation specifically apply to the organization you selected? • Increased tuition assistance and reimbursement. • Lack of Incentives for nurses to achieve Bachelor’s degree example in monetary and promotions. Even though, study has shown that 80 percent of their healthcare institutions either preferred or required newly hired nurses to have a bachelor’s degree, and most of the facilities offered some level of tuition reimbursement.…show more content…
• The goal is eighty percent within 5 years period. This recommendation is bolster by recent studies that show an improvement in patient outcomes with higher level of nursing education (McNamara, 2014). Consequently, hospitals are employing higher percentages rates of BSN-prepared nurses have shown an associated decrease in morbidity, mortality, and failure-to-rescue (Sarver, Cichra, & Kline, 2015). As a result of the IOM recommendations, and proposed BSN related legislations, numerous healthcare organizations need to find different ways and efforts to help the nurses without BSN degree to return to school. Study shows that nurses significantly have an interest in furthering their professional education. Studies indicate that nurses need assistance from their nursing leadership and management to be successful. These assistance include the following: (1) easily accessible information regarding returning to school. (2) communicating the availability of supportive initiatives, and (3) advocating for nurses returning to school on an administrative level by allowing flexible scheduling for those enrolled in school (Sarver,

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