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Brian Maraña is the embodiment of the saying, “there’s more than meets the eye.” Mr. Maraña, as the students of Xavier School San Juan term to him as, is a simple man. A student might say he looks like an average, every-day, schoolteacher. Though if one were to look closely and investigate, one would find a man born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, who graduated with honors, attained the title, Summa Cum Laude upon graduation, taught as a CLE teacher, and attained the head position of the International Programs Office of Xavier School, San Juan, Philippines. From Kindergarten to 6th Grade, Brian Lawrence C. Maraña studied in a public school in Baltimore, Maryland (USA). From 7th Grade onwards, he attended a Jesuit school called Loyola…show more content…
He realized that, with his wife, they multiplied each other’s gifts, brought out the best in each other. Quoting him, “As many are proud of becoming better, I am proud to have made someone else better, and to have been made better by someone else.” He feels strong and accomplished when with his wife, who he believes has made the most impact on his life. He is also proud of the feeling that he is fulfilling God’s call, and the feeling that he is indeed doing what he was meant to do. Although not what he believes to be his biggest achievement, Brian is still very much proud of having set the foundation for the XCE Yunnan and XCE Beijing Programs, which, even though he no longer participates in the trips, are excelling past his expectations. He believes that what helped him reach this far in his life would be his general openness to ideas and his desire to learn, to experience. Also, “if confronted with the opportunity of a better, more upholding profession,” he would take it, but only and only if it is what is best for his marriage. He strongly believes in the vision of the school, which makes him stay, and not for the amount he receives every end of the

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