Mold Mold Experiment

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Mold is a fungus that grows in the form of multicellular filaments called hyphae. The fungus reproduces by means of tiny spores. Mold will begin growing indoors when the spores land on wet surfaces. The growth of mold is dependent on the amount of moisture it is exposed to. There are certain substances that aid in stunting the growth of mold. Our research project will investigate the effects that bleach, baking soda, vinegar and alcohol have on the growth of mold. 1. A student at North Western University published a post in a journal about the effects of pH level on mold growth. The student concluded that citric acid was more effective than bleach inhibiting the growth of mold, because the citric acid has an acidic solution, as opposed to…show more content…
Her hypothesis was that bread mold will grow at a slower rate when in a freezing temperature than it will at a warm temperature. Her results proved her hypothesis valid as the mold in the freezer and refrigerator did not grow nearly as quickly as the mold in room temperature. Her research is not valid as in her experiment certain variables were not fixed. Each piece of bread did not receive the same amount of light and she should have increased the range of temperatures that she was testing. Her experiment is not credible as she is a young student with no qualifications and minimal scientific knowledge. Her conclusion was not written in scientific language and therefore is not credible. 2. Is bleach the most effective product to use in order to stunt the growth of mold, in comparison to vinegar, baking soda and alcohol? 3. As students we have noticed that the growth of mold occurs where there is moisture. We are curious to know which substance will be the most effective in stunting the growth of mold. The findings of our research are relevant because our conclusion will: • Assist household owners with the removal of mold on surfaces. • Reveal the precise component that halts the growth of mold, thereby increasing the scientific knowledge on this topic. 4. The bleach will be the most effective of all the alternate products in stunting the growth of

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