Persuasive Essay On Biscayne National Park

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Imagine that you are looking at a beautiful spread of miles upon miles of crystal blue water. Jewel-colored fish swim in the open ocean while the calls of extravagant birds echo from the nearby islands. Biscayne National Park displays this breathtaking scene. Unfortunately, many major contractors also noticed its beauty. They felt that if they were to build a huge tourist attraction, it would bring in money and profits better than the natural tropical environment of the Florida Keys (where Biscayne National Park is located). However, the now famous stretch of land was once shrouded in argument. In the mid 20th century, the protection of Biscayne was a matter of great controversy. The people of the Keys did not like how these investors and contractors were trying to steal their land, and eventually their protests won over and the government named the area “Biscayne National Park” to preserve the Keys’…show more content…
Source 2 provides us with a map that shows us that Biscayne is located in an area that would lure in tourists like a hook would fish. I remember a time when I was staying in a big city, and I thought about how our society cuts people off from real experiences with nature. People in the modern world need to be able to stay at an island getaway; just to get to see the land. Source 1 continues to discuss Lancelot Jones’ story by saying that “Until the end of his days he was happy to know that he had done what he could to protect the unspoiled environment of the Keys.” From this statement, it becomes relevant to say that Lancelot Jones felt that nature is something to be heavily guarded. Also, he probably thought about how much people need nature. According to one study, nature actually reduces stress and makes people more creative. So if you don’t want to go outside because you’re an inside person, maybe it would be better on your mind to take a few breaths of fresh

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