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Will a host be acquitted for atrocious ghetto? Airbnb In the past one decade, the transition of technology and services for the people has changed enormously. The major step taken by the present generation is digitization. They have made life a lot easier, stay at home and click away. Things will be delivered to you at your doorstep, a hassle free life. Everything is fine and good, but what if things go wrong and we are stuck in between. We go on a holiday, just to relax ourselves and spend some quality time. The traditional way of booking hotel rooms and enjoying our vacation has been replaced by “Airbnb”. Every traveler, tourist or a vacationer is opting for this service, as it gives more comfort rather than a normal hotel room would do for us. But, when it doesn’t happen the way we expected it to be, it gives us an unhappy feeling. It has gained a great name and reputation for itself amongst all the competition from its rivals. A few…show more content…
The first thing to do is to check for reviews about the hosts and guests as well. A detailed research about the place and its neighborhood is essential. This will help us to choose the right place to stay, enjoy and be safe. Before making a reservation for the house, it is better that we contact the respective person and get the detailed information. If we feel the price to be a bit expensive, we can see to that, whether it is negotiable or not. Finally, do have a quick chat with the people who have already spent their vacation. They will be able to give a complete in site about their stay or hosting. Once, if we start following these steps, we will be less prone to any kind of issues. Meanwhile, Airbnb is improvising its terms and conditions on cancellation and refund policies. It has been providing a good service to a larger crowd, a few had disappointing experiences. It is in progress of changing all the negative aspects into positive

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