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Introduction Jessica Tabban is a great example among the most productive lady authors of books essays and poems in Memphis Tennessee, as well as in the whole continent. She has shown herself as a writer of books, songs, and kids' stories. She was born in Memphis, in 1994 and came to college as a good writer in after her secondary studies even though she started writing at eight years; the uniqueness is generally shown in her good works which have been recognized everywhere throughout the world. Most of her writings have actually won her prizes and award in the college. General background She began writing when she was 8 years of age. Her mother and sisters, and teachers helped her with her written work. Her teachers made her write same things again and again. She couldn’t always write good writings whenever she wanted to; she needed to know what to compose. Her writings involved verses, stories and children stories. Christopher inspired her to even write more and more stories. She also reads children’s books, grown-up books, it improves her written work. She is extremely imaginative and creative and that is why she writes well. She likes to write something that helps her to get the urge that makes her to read more and more stories and also to create more and more stories. She writes small and simple poems. She used to write better than now. Her…show more content…
In secondary school, Jessica poems were at one point in time said to be full of politics. Furthermore it was seen to be full of political work and that she could have written it to praise political situations in the country. This was however not the case. Such points appeared like a big challenge to Jessica because people took her to be writer of politics but she was not a writer of politics only but also society in

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