Cargill Vim Case Study

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II Cargill Viet Nam 1.1 The purposes of different types of Cargill Viet Nam Cargill is the one of the biggest companies and Cargill Vietnam is the international producer and marketer of food, agricultural, financial and industrial products and services but in this report I will concentrate about international producer of agricultural of Cargill Viet Nam. In this assignment, I will compare Cargill Viet Nam with Charoen Pokphand Group Viet Nam to know the different types of organizations and their purposes that establish to serve a number of different purposes and to cope with a variety of needs. There are combine of, Legal form, Size, Mission, Vision, Objective, Value of organization The table below will show the comparisons of two companies…show more content…
Responsibilities are the most important thing in Cargill. Because of an organization have a plan. So, to success plan, they must be maintaining some responsibilities. The main aim of the research is to give a formal analysis of the relations between collective obligations to individual responsibilities. Each member within the organization has specific responsibilities that govern their behaviour toward the organization. Like the other competitor and company, Cargill have many responsibilities that impact their business The policy/ activities to society. For example Management, Social, Business Ethics, Public relations and corporate image and Environment According to The Codes of Conduct of Cargill Corporation. The policy that Cargill applied on the business conducting is “our word is just as good as our bond” John MacMillan, Sr., 1923. Responsibility Application Guidelines of the corporation The policy/ activities to society Social Obey the law Treat people with dignity and respect including customers, staffs in

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