Cardinal Numerals In Pashto Grammar

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Introduction In this paper, I will going to talk another issue in Pashto grammar is about "Ordinal numerals in Pashto grammar that means typically identify the position a given member of a set occupies relative to other members of the same set "ex. the fourth day" . Cardinal numerals, we understand the set of numerals used in attributive quantification of nouns. All language should have a way to express how to use the numbers to rank things or put things in a certain order .To do my study, I will take the data on the Pashto language from native speaker. In addition, the data which I collected include some different sentences about the ordinal sentences in English and analysis, and then I will see how to use these numbers in Pashto language. In…show more content…
3 But the differences between both of them are for example: if the ordinal numeral came before male the rule will change for example like: [bælæ] [wɑrəʒ] ( the next day) and [bæl] [ alʌk] ( the next boy) you can see the difference between the female and the male so we remove [æ] if we have male after the ordinal numeral and we add[ æ] if we have female after the ordinal

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