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Best Canadian Hockey Teams When it comes to hockey, we can say that this is a sport that involves lots of physical activity and speed. For those who don't know, hockey was born in Canada, in Montreal and the first game was played in 1875. In order to find out more about Canadian hockey teams, here is a short list with the best Canadian hockey teams. Montreal Maroons The professional hockey team called Montreal Maroons, played from 1924 to 1938. In their first season, they managed to be on the second place. But success was on its way for the Canadian hockey team, because the next season, they managed to win their first Stanley Cup. Montreal Maroons have actually won the Stanley Cup twice, in 1926 and 1935. Unfortunately, this competitive…show more content…
Due its professionalism, the team has managed to get the Presidents Trophy and Campbell Bowl in the 2010-2011 season. On the other hand, they have lost the Stanley Cup in 2010. Edmonton Oilers Edmonton Oilers is a professional hockey team, formed in 1971 in Edmonton, Alberta. The team played their first season in 1972, and they have joined the National Hockey League in 1979. Edmonton Oilers have won the Stanley Cup for five times, and it certainly remains the most valuable hockey team which won the Stanley Cup for five consecutive times. The team has been honored, due their success, with the dynasty status by the Hockey Hall of Fame. Calgary Flames Calgary Flames are on the third place regarding a top 3 of the best hockey teams in the city of Calgary, after the Calgary Tigers and Calgary Cowboys. Calgary Flames was born in Atlanta, in 1972, and the team was actually called Atlanta Flames, but in 1980 the team has been relocated to Calgary, where they changed their name into Calgary Flames. They have won only one championship, and that would be the one from the 1988-1999 season. On the other hand, Calgary Flames won two President Trophies and in 2011, the Heritage Classic outdoor

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