Corruption In David Mitchell's Film The Island

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David Mitchell, author of Cloud Atlas, once said, “Unlimited power in the hands of limited people always leads to cruelty” (Swainbank). Mitchell’s beliefs accurately portray the corruption in the compound in which humans live in Michael Bay’s film, The Island. The Island conveys a story in which the protagonists, Lincoln Six Echo and Jordan Two Delta, escape from an isolated compound and attempt to save the rest of the inhabitants’ from the immoral compound. Once Jordan Two Delta is selected to go to the island, Lincoln Six Echo discovers the real truth about this island. Lincoln learns the island is just a codename for putting his fellow neighbors to death. Lincoln and Jordan escape from the compound and fight their way to find their sponsors; the wealthy men and woman who fund the isolated compound. Lincoln Six Echo and Jordan Two Delta eventually sneak their way back into the compound and destroy the holographic projectors that suppress the outside world. The film ends with the compound and Dr. Merrick getting destroyed and the inhabitants…show more content…
Dr. Merrick looks at Lincoln and Jordan as scientific subjects, instead of real human beings. Later in the film, Dr. Merrick realizes there is a defect in the newer clones and orders all of the defected humans be sentenced to death. In addition, Dr. Merrick wires every clone to believe the island is a warm, triumphant destination, resulting in an enormous desire by every clone to be nominated to journey to the island. The clones believe Dr. Merrick’s promise, but little do they know the island is a death sentence. On the other hand, the compound offers no freedom of expression, dehumanizing all human beings. Inhabitants are forced to wear uniforms, eat certain food, and are not permitted to speak to certain people. Dr. Merrick’s compound is an immense society in which its inhabitants are dehumanized in every way

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