Campbell's As8015 Model

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AS8015-2005 Corporate Governance of Information and Communication was established in 2005 by Standards Australia (Considine, 2012). This model summarises the domain of IT governance and the factors implementing IT governance. Conant president of Campbell soup company brought in Doreen Wright to company for managing corporate CIO was responsible for IT organisation of the company. Changes proposed by Campbell states, to rebuild global IT functions, IT services that did not differentiate company from its competitors were outsourced, also other objectives were to create customer transparency, present a single voice to customers and Utilize SAP capabilities hence minimizing development and maintenance cost(Ross & Beath, 2008). Building customer…show more content…
The two factors in the model to consider in managing IT are business pressures and the business IT needs(Fisher , 2005). Business pressures mean a change in the technology impacts on the way business is carried out. Business pressure in AS8015 model aligns with Campbell plans of implementing SAP to support more standardized and integrated business and help position Campbell for future growth. In AS8015 model the department of governance is still important to control and monitor IT and work towards its alignment with business objectives. Changes of Campbell are also called global framework objectives, one of the main objectives was to deploy SAP and additional components included data warehouses as well to establish a database counteracting business needs and pressures as it is a change in business like ecommerce that improves the shared organisation for finance and accounting. In AS8015 the the governance process monitor and control IT that component aligns with the three prolonged governance structure that included key decision making bodies i.e. Senior management sponsors, operating committee and Process advisory groups, this method helped in smooth delivery and rapid realisation of project

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