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Buttermilk preparations in Arshas (Hemorrhoids) All patients should take buttermilk in the morning. Again during the day, buttermilk or recipes of buttermilk are indicated depending upon the strength of the digestive fire of the patient15. • If the power of digestion is weak, only buttermilk should be given again in the evening. • If the power of digestion is slightly better, then the patient should be given only buttermilk in the morning, and in the evening, he should be given Takravalehya (linctus prepared by adding buttermilk to the roasted flour of fried paddy). After the buttermilk taken in the morning is digested, Takrapeya (thin gruel prepared by adding buttermilk) should be given in the evening along with rock salt. • If the power of digestion is still better, then morning meal remaining the same…show more content…
This helps to bestow health in people suffering from anemia, skin diseases, poor digestion, edema, stiffness of thighs, loss of taste, hemorrhoids, jaundice, diabetes and disorders of spleen. CONTRAINDICATIONS FOR THE USE OF BUTTERMILK Although buttermilk is beneficial in various disorders, its use is prohibited in summer season. It is unwholesome for people who are emaciated, who suffer from hemorrhage, burning sensation, fainting and giddiness32. CONCLUSION Buttermilk is like ambrosia for patients suffering from heaviness, anorexia, flatulence, suppression of the power of digestion, diarrhea and diseases caused by aggravated Vata and Kapha33. Buttermilk cleanses the channels of circulation as a result of which Rasa (the end product of digestion) reaches the tissue elements appropriately. This produces proper nourishment, strength, complexion and exhilaration, and cures one hundred diseases including those caused by Vata and Kapha

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