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and what they will have to do doing an emergency, in order to take care of the company, the customer and their business and data. Priorities and responsibilities Doing an emergency these are the priorities and responsibilities for the company. General - Staff should manage the situation by ensuring that all staff members are safe and account for, and they are aware of the situation - Notify the Business Continuity Manager (BCM) of the problem, and he should notified the secondary location, and make sure that all backups are done and transferred - Make sure the staff knows the overall business recovery strategy, and generators are working if needed - IT manager will brief the CEO and the CFO and they will inform the public of the situation if it is needed Critical business function -…show more content…
The assigned person can either email, text or call them with the needed information as to what happen and when it will be taken care of and back to normal operation. - Generator are fueled and working, one generator is set for 8 hours of operation and a bigger one is on standby for a 48 hours operation if needed, and they are set to automatically switch over once the power is off and the smaller one runs out of fuel. Key risk and minimization measures Since the company operates from a single office it is possible that the whole business core will be disrupted. Business support system failure could disrupt the business, but the assumption is that serious disruption is not likely to occur until at least after 24 hours. The BCP takes this into account. The company is in contact with the secondary location and transferring all data and operation to them so they can be ready if the disruption in business does occur. At this time the secondary location is fully operational. Generators at both location are fueled, tested and ready for any type of power

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