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Bruce Levenson: Bruce Levenson is a philanthropist, an American businessman, and former owner of NBA team owner. Bruce was a co-owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC (which was formerly known as Atlanta Spirit LLC), which operates the Philips Arena and Atlanta Hawks basketball team. The global accomplishments of Levenson comprises of a diverse range of interests from professional sports to business intelligence to cooking technology and much more. Usually, he is best known in the vast business world as co-founder of United Communications Group which was started in the year 1977. UCG is an organization offering data, analysis, guidance, and solutions to consumers in government contracting, energy, healthcare, banking, technology, telecom, information and software, and defense industries across the world.…show more content…
Levenson is also a collaborator in GasBuddy, a popular mobile app that has been downloaded by more than 45 million motorists using the app to look for the low-priced gasoline. Additionally, he is also a co-founder of a latest cooking technology “DOT”. Most importantly, Levenson has been a philanthropist for more than 40 years. Since 2004, Bruce also used to serve as the Hawks' Governor on the NBA Board of Governors. The time, Bruce lived his dream for first time was the year 2004, when he got the opportunity to own 2 leading professional sport franchises- buying the Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Thrashers and the managing rights to the Philips Arena from Time Warner. During the year 2010, the Atlanta Thrashers was taken by someone else when Levenson and his partners decided to sell it, and the team was ultimately located to Winnipeg,

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