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“The Cove” by Louie Psihoyos was released on July 31, 2009. It is about Ric O’Barry, who was previously a dolphin trainer trying to save dolphins. He discovered that in a small Japanese town, Taiji, massive slaughters of thousands dolphins and porpoises were taking place. The fisherman herded the dolphins into a small cove, hence the name, and there the dolphins were kept. This “cove” is private property and you can get arrested if you go in and take any pictures or videos. Trainers for Seaworld and other dolphin shows would come and select the dolphins they wanted and captured them. Those dolphins live there lives in captivity. The dolphins that aren’t taken by the trainers are brutally killed. They are than sold as other types of meat. In fact, a lot of the meat is in the school cafeterias and is given to children. Because of the high mercury content, a very dangerous metal found in dolphins and other seafood, there are more and more birth defects and illnesses. Selling these dolphins could be considered murder. This documentary is aimed at several different groups of people. First of all, it is aimed at companies such as Seaworld, to show that what they are doing isn’t right. They are trying to prove that it is cruel to these dolphins to…show more content…
The most important being that 23,000 dolphins and porpoises is the amount slaughtered in Taiji. This shows that in one small town, they are doing a lot of damage. Among that, there are many more facts, usually disgusting or cruel sounding, that improve the bias. For example; Dolphins are very sensitive to sound. The people in Taiji use this against the dolphins by banging metal poles while near the dolphins. Naturally, the dolphins will run away from the sound, going straight into the cove. Also, the government says that we have found a new killing method that is less cruel, but in fact, the killing method is thrusting a spear into the dolphin and murdering

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