Brief Summary Of The Book 'Metal Face'

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Metal Face Our hero is a pre teen waking up in the middle of the road after a the car he was in crashed into a big truck. He opens his eyes to his mom and dad staring at him, they looking at each other “We should leave him to die he will get in the way of our plans” his mom says. His dad agrees so they run away as the ambulance and police arrives, leaving our hero to die. Our hero does not what's going on. Our hero shed some tears as he needs his parents, because he can’t move his leg is broken. Our hero wakes up in the hospital, remembering that one line that his mom said. “We should leave him to die he will get in the way of our plans” He rages and thinks to himself he’s going to kill his parents for trying to kill him. “I vow to…show more content…
All training with a book for five years wasn't enough to defeat Nobu. As Nobu puts away his sword our hero ask “Can you train me” “That's if you tell me your goal” Nobu says Our hero explains his goal “When I was kid, my parents tried to kill by crashing their car on purpose, then leaving me to die, I will pay them by killing them but it won’t be easy there will be a lot of obstacles getting in my way so I need to know how to fight” “Very we'll but that dog stays outside my house” Nobu says as he points to cutlas the dog. After enduring hellish training Metal face returns to the city now ready to kill his parents. But there's one problem, he doesn't know where his mom and dad are. He seeks help from the computers from the library and finds nothing but a guy named Connor who has the abilities of a dog. In his new trench coat he goes to Connor's house and says to track his mom and dad down with their scent. So our hero tells Connor his mom and dad’s name. “We'll you see your parents gave me my powers I was a test subject so i'm pretty much useless, but i can guide you to the secret facility where I was given my powers” Connor

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