Bridget Bishop: Accused Of Witchcraft Or Murder?

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Bridget Bishop was the first person to be hanged by the demonic little girls, in 1692. Why was she and other people being accused of witchcraft and what started the Salem Witch trials?There is many reasons why they were started but the main reason was because the little girls were drunk with power. They were drunk with power because they accused people of being witches because they wanted attention. Some other reasons were because of the accused, jealousy, and fright and little girls that feed off of that fright. One reason that people were being accused of witchcraft is because women, and some men, were more mean and vulnerable than others. I mean, there’s a movie called Mean Girls not mean boys.The accused were usually women and were married. The women were mainly in the 41-60 range for age. There were males, but mainly females. Document B proves this because it gives a list of the accused male and females and male and female accusers.…show more content…
All of the townsfolk were frightened of these little girls because they would tell their fathers, who were the priests of the church, that men and women were witches. As soon as they would tell their fathers, the men and women would be hanged immediately. Most people have never even talked to these little girls. The townsfolk would do anything for these little girls so they would not die.The documents C and D prove this theory because of the examination done on Bridget Bishop she said “I never saw these persons before…” and Charles Upham,the historian, said “They soon became intoxicated by the terrible success of their imposture, and were swept along by the frenzy they had

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