Personal Narrative: My Decision To Join The Military

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Everyone always says that they weren’t the smartest when they were young—I am one of those people. Although my younger teenage years weren’t completely awful, I could have gone without some of the choices I made. I felt like my parents were always grounding me, but really I was always finding trouble. My mistakes are not what define me; they are what make me the person I am today. Through all of my good and bad choices, my best and proudest is deciding to join the military. It has been a long journey, and the best place to start is at the beginning. When I was younger my focus was on myself, friends, and having fun. I didn’t care about responsibilities or anyone else. I still kept up with my school work and sports but I was very self-centered. I didn’t realize that my actions might effect others. I would get in trouble, be grounded for a few weekends, and when I was free again I’d find…show more content…
After talking to a recruiter the first time, they informed me that I wasn’t quite old enough to start the enlistment process. So I had to wait another year, which was fine. While I waited I focused on my mental and physical health. Going to the gym really helped my whole being; I stayed in shape and working out really helped me mentally. As I continued to wait, my plans for high school courses started to come together and I felt like I was actually doing something with my life. After I finally turned 17, I contacted a recruiter for the United States Marine Corps. I first talked to him for a few months, but when it came closer to the end of junior year I was contacted by the United States Army. I thought it couldn’t hurt to do my research and talk to a couple different branches. Eventually I ended up talking to almost every branch of the military! Even though I don’t live in the same town or go to the same school, my goals of finishing high school and joining the military haven’t changed a

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