Case Study: Job Recruitment And Job Design For Tigerair

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Date : 10th October 2015 To : Managing Director From : Lee Voon Sun, Human Resource Manager Subject : Job Recruitment and Job Design for Tigerair 1. Introduction Tigerair was established in 2004 as Tiger Airways. It is a low-cost carrier airline where its leading based is in singapore. Currently Tigerair flies to 38 destinations across 12 Asia Pacific countries with a fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft. Tigerair provide seamless and fuss-free customer experience with affordable prices and travel options. (, 2015) In 2013, Tigerair and scoot looking toward a wide-range cooperation, had signed an alliance agreement. The alliance enable Tigerair and Scoot to deliver greater flexibility and choice to customers through the coordination…show more content…
It intended at overcoming weary and decreasing job dissatisfaction from tedious workload. It is the goal of an organization to perform a high quality and productivity of work through job design. In order for Tigerair to appoint the right candidates for both marketing executive and rostering executive, the below job desciption and specification explicit the tasks, responsibilities and abilities required. 2.1 Marketing executive Job Description The marketing executive is responsible to plan and implement productive marketing plans for airline’s key market within the southeast asia region and report to marketing manager. Many competencies jumping on the low-cost carrier marketing bandwagon, so is important for the marketing executive to drive brand awareness and sales through different marketing initiatives. Apart from that, the marketing executive must be able to liaise with public relations & social manager and other local agencies to develop compelling social strategy. Job Specification Candidate should possess atleast a Bachelor’s degree in…show more content…
During the production of schedule, the rostering executive also have to make sure the allocation of flight duties and time off are fair. In addition, this position is also required to liaise with crew, staff and office regulary to ensure the crew schecule are constantly updated due to the situational changes. Job Specification The candidate should have diploma or degree in Aviation related sectors. To entitle for this position, candidate must have computer literacy and working knowledge of microsoft office with aptitude to learn and hands on complex aviation scheduling software. Besides that, the candidate should possess a good organizational and social skills with the capabilities to assign the schedule with minimum supervision. 3. Recruitment strategy Recruitment is a process to attract and target potential candidates that capable for the job categories in an organization. Basically, employers and recruiters will need to use effective recruitment tactics to retain best quality talent to contribute to organization’s success. The advancement of technologies and social media caused recruitment tactics gradually increased and it demand more method in

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