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In Brandon Kings, “The American Dream”, he states to redefine the vision as the potential to work hard for an honest, secure way of life and to save for the future (pg 611 para 1). King believes that the so called “American Dream” is still alive and can be found if we climb out of the recession, overcome inequality, and achieve true prosperity. According to the New York Times, 72 percent of Americans still believe it is possible to start poor, work hard, and become rich in America (pg611 para 2). However in our society people don’t look for the rags to riches transformation, instead they focus on striving and maintaining middle class. People aren’t so caught up with expensive things, but rather feel secure in their financial state and career. An example King gives is a study that was given to show a decrease in home ownership from 69…show more content…
Krugman believes that the American Dream is no longer possible for most Americans, and that the government should enact policies to close the income gap (pg 612 para 2). Many American’s are on welfare and taking advantage of unemployment benefits, while others are working hard to just make ends meet. King states the efforts to close the gap has done little to make the poor richer and raising minimum wage, has only made labor more expensive. King shows that President Obama presented a proposal, establishing a $33 billion tax credit to provide incentives for businesses to hire more workers and increase existing wages (pg613 para2). Many think that achieving the “American Dream” is only a frame of mind and if you believe you have a chance of becoming better and being secure, than the Dream in still intact. Kings shows that a paper in Atlanta stated that, “the Great Recession didn’t kill the American Dream. But the promise of a good life in exchange for hard, honest work has been bruised and frayed for millions of middle class Americans” (pg 615 para

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