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Isn't prostitution one of the main focuses of the government? Born into Brothels is a documentary , directed by a British photojournalist called Zana Briski, based on a project of teaching photography to the kids of the prostitutes of Sonagachi, Calcutta, India’s red light district. This documentary shows the effect this district has on the children and how they are affected in future situations. The children of sex workers are born into a hard society with a lack of opportunities to be successful in life and most of the time they are forced to follow their mother’s footsteps. This kids are forgotten by their mothers and by the government, they are called “ the victims without a voice” . These kids are born in a society filled with terror…show more content…
In conversations about prostitution, we never consider to mention the kids of sex workers. These children have an extremely hard and demanding life. The image portrays the hard situation this kids are left in while they mothers work. The nurseries in which this kids are left in are unsanitary and normally handled by just one woman. These nurseries are over bucked with kids and have little to no resources for these kids. How is it possible that a mother can leave their child in such an environment? These women are in extremely hard situation for the reason they have to involve their children in. Sex- workers come to pick up their kids at the time they finish with their journey, even if it's three in the morning they just wake them up and take them home, if we can even call it that. This image portrays the unsanitary and hard places this kids are left behind while her mother is working as a sex worker. It is absurd that this kids are placed in such an environment in which they health is at risk while their mothers sell their body to get money. It is very impacting to see the effect this environment has on this children’s social abilities and to trust people. The environment this kids are placed in doesn’t only affect them physically but also psychologically. These kids have no power or voice to stand up for their right. The government has to intervene in this situation where the mother doesn’t have the capacity to raise and give the best opportunities to his child. This kids doesn’t have the ability to proclaim for their human rights, this is why the involvement of the government can help theme prevent the future there are destined to have. It is amazing that these organizations are taking the charge of dealing with this injustice in which a newborn baby comes to life with their future damaged because of their mother

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