Booker T Washington's Impact On Education

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“In so many ways, segregations shaped me, and education liberated me.” Life in the 19th century was harsh, especially for African Americans as they encountered relentless racial discrimination by the entire society. Slavery, Jim Crow laws, lynching, and angry mobs were part of their daily life, ‘colored’ people such as Mexicans and African Americans were deprived of living with any of the luxuries given to white men. These words spoken by Maya Angelou tell the world that education is one of the most vital parts of life, and yet some people were deprived of the opportunity to have an education. Booker T. Washington was a victim of segregation, he underwent harsh feats on a daily basis, however, Washington's difficult way of life helped him realize the vitality of knowledge on the road to success and thus became a powerful role…show more content…
Washington’s perseverance as a scholar was rewarded as his tuition was paid off by a wealthy white man through an arrangement made by the principal of the Hampton institute, Samuel Armstrong. Armstrong became Washington’s mentor and role model as he was taught the value of education and morality which greatly impacts Washington’s future. Through Washington’s schooling years not only was he taught the usual academic subjects, he focused on agriculture, brick masonry, and Christianity too. After graduating the Hampton institute, Washington, worked at a local school in Malden, and in 1878, he was hired by Armstrong to teach Native Americans. Armstrong, being one of the most significant people in Washington’s life, placed Washington on the road to his career – founding Tuskegee Normal and Industrial

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