Blood Sugar Toxic Research Paper

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Sugar is a toxin that triggers obesity, heart disease, and memory problems (“Is sugar toxic?”). In a five year study, a group of vigorous subjects was given specified increments of food in a 24 hour lockdown (“Is sugar toxic?”). MRI scans revealed that when subjects consumed foods with high fructose corn syrup, there was an increase of blood levels of cholesterol; because when the liver fills up with too much fructose, the additional fructose converts into fat, travels into blood streams, possibly causing a heart attack (“Is sugar toxic?”). However, why do so many Americans consume substantial quantities of sugar and ultimately wreak havoc on their health? When the brain was MRI scanned as soda was consumed, the MRI displayed that sugar stimulated…show more content…
Blood sugar levels refer to the “measurement of the amount of glucose in a person’s blood” (Seaman). Because the body “regulates blood sugar levels by releasing insulin, which helps turn glucose into energy”, elevated blood sugar levels comprise of minimal insulin to transform the blood sugar into energy (Seaman). When this process occurs, blood sugar disorders such as diabetes engenders poor brain function. Even those with blood sugar levels of below diabetes have a risk of memory problem (Seaman). Scientists in Berlin conducted an experiment consisting of 141 fifty to eighty year old non-heavy drinkers without diabetes, obesity, or memory problem (Seaman). After “at least 10 hours without food, each participant receives an MRI image of their brain” and a blood test (Seaman). For various periods of time, participants were also given fifteen unrelated words to remember and repeat. The result was that “people with higher blood sugar readings performed worse on the memory test, compared to those with lower blood sugar levels” (Seaman). For example, when there was an increase of seven units of sugar on the blood test, people remembered two fewer words on a 30 minute memory test (Seaman). However, there is a possibility that the experiment failed to be accurate as age might have been a factor towards memory problem

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