Personal Narrative-Assisted Suicide

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I thought I was going to die if I had to eat it. As I walked into the over powered sunlight filled kitchen my eyes slightly winced. “Good morning, how are you feeling?” my mom said as she filled an egg onto a plate. “Very, very, very depressed.” I sank down on a chair, “I don’t want to eat anything, thanks though.” She looked at me, and walked over to the cabinet where all the medicine was kept, she opened the door and scanned through various amounts of pill bottles. “Here, take your Prozac.” She said as she un-screwed the cap and tipped it over to release a little white and blue pill. “I don’t want to take it.” I looked away as I said this. “You need to take it, you promised you would take your medicine every day.” I heard her footsteps coming…show more content…
This is the fourth medication that stupid doctor of yours has put you on.” Dez was sitting across the table from me scarfing down eggs and bacon with a tall glass of orange juice. “Maybe I should skip today, you know I don’t even,-” My mother cut me off, “Amelia, take the pill.” Her back was towards me. I picked up the stupid little pill and gulped down my water. “There, I took it.” I was ashamed about how easily I succumbed to the order; most of the time I would procrastinate taking it. “Weak, poor, easy Amelia. I wonder if I told you to kill yourself would you listen to me as easily?” Dez stared at me with malice in her voice. “Shut-up Dez.” I breathed out. “What did you say, hun?” My mother turned around and looked at…show more content…
“So Amelia, I was looking at the weather today and it’s supposed to be brilliant out, why don’t we take old blue nose out on the water and do some fishing today?” My dad plunked down into a chair beside me. Blue nose was an old rowing boat my dad has had for the past ten years, he named it after the sail-boat on the Canadian dime. “You know dad, I was thinking maybe I should just stay home today and watch some movies…” I muttered off into silence. “Amelia, it’ll be some good bonding for us, and plus we can catch some fish and fry them up for dinner! How does that sound, Kelly?” My dad turned towards my mom and smiled while he took a swig of his coffee. “That sounds great, Amelia needs to get out of the house and breathe in some fresh air.” She said whilst putting a plate of eggs and bacon in front of me. “Mom, I’m not hungry.” I pushed the plate away. “Eat or I’ll feed you.” She said while patting my head. I lifted the fork that was provided and stabbed a tiny piece of bouncy egg, and slowly put it into my mouth. “Don’t throw up, Amelia, or I’ll call you an anorexic for the rest of your life, if you manage to live long enough.” Dez was standing behind my dad’s chair and had took two of her fingers and made a metaphorical gun, held it up to her head and pretended to shoot

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