Comparing Women In Bound And The Hunger

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Although a women character in Bound and The Hunger start out in a relationship with a man and then ends up with a women, there is still a distinct difference between their sexual orientations. In Bound, the character Corky finds out that Violet is in a relationship with a man after Violet attempts to seduce Corky. The two end up having sex, but afterwards Corky tries to tell Violet that she can’t understand what Corky is feeling because Violet isn’t a lesbian like she is. While Corky is implying that Violet is bisexual, Violet tells her that they’re actually not that different then what Corky thinks. Corky doesn’t believe her and tries to use the fact that Violet sleeps with men as an argument. Violet tells Corky that although she sleeps with men she doesn’t consider it as…show more content…
Like Violet in Bound, Miriam starts out in a relationship with a man before moving on to a relationship with a woman. Unlike Bound however, Miriam isn’t identified as a lesbian but as a bisexual. While Violet was only with men because she considered it her just working, Miriam was with her male lover because she did love him and was romantically attracted to him. After John dies, Miriam doesn’t suddenly decide to become a lesbian. Instead, the Dr. Roberts character just happens to be the first person that Miriam sees. Whether it would’ve been a woman like Dr. Roberts or a man, Miriam would’ve chosen them as her new lover no matter the gender. As we see in the end of the movie, Miriam has had previous lovers throughout the centuries that were both male and female. Miriam is looking for a person to love and love her back no matter if they are a male or female since their gender is not what matters to her. What matters to Miriam is that she is able to find someone to love her on a romantic level for the centuries to come so she would not have to be

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