'Los Dos Escobar-The Two Escobars'

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The world of sports is tainted with over the top fans. In many different sports across the globe, fans take part in unnecessary and outrageous acts towards players, other fans and officials. Specifically, in college football, there is an enormous amount of disrespect shown by fan bases. Enthusiasts for specific teams take part in throwing objects at fans or on the field, yelling obscenities to other fans and players and heckling inside and outside of stadium gates. Although those are just some of the bad qualities displayed by college football fans, there is one that sticks out from the rest. This one quality is that college football fans expect a lot from individual players, and if those players do not exceed those expectations hateful words,…show more content…
College football fans that think it is unethical to react negatively to a mistake made by a college football player, know that criticism and critiques destroy the desire to play hard. These players are instilled with fear after being tormented by fans and this fear may completely destroy a player’s ability to perform well. This certain situation was extremely apparent in the movie, “Los Dos Escobar - The Two Escobars.” In the movie, it showed how the Colombian fans reacted after their national soccer team lost to Romania. The movie states that the players underwent a physiological crisis, which stemmed from the way their fans treated them upon their loss. The fans from Colombia had made a death threat on a specific player that had performed poorly in the past game. In order to protect that player from any harm, the Colombia coach decided to bench him. The result of this benching was an extremely tense group of players that were scared they would be the next to receive death threats if they played poorly. The high expectations set by fans from Colombia ruined the chemistry of the national soccer team, which hurt the common good of the

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