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Bass fishing Techniques Part 1 image Bass fishing is the angling activity of North American game fish popularly known as the black bass. Bass fishing has greatly advanced into a billion dollar industry. The fish sport has changed acutely since it started late in the 19th century. The black bass has become the next most sought-after gaming fish throughout the United States. This fish sport has made the production of all kinds of fishing gears. Therefore, there is the craving for learning bass fishing techniques. Here are some bass fishing techniques for the some of the bass fish: Doodling - is a worm fishing method perfected and taught by the fishing pro Don Iovino. This method is best suspended in clear and deep lakes commonly found around western America. It is important to keep it almost natural by downsizing the hooks to around 1/0 or lower,…show more content…
Use a 1/8 ounce weight in the lure. While in the fall, you must fish downhill; then use a Texas rigged worm so you can prevent so much hang-ups. Set your hook using the slack-line method. If you have started feeling the strike, face the fish with your rods in between 10 and 11 o'clock position. Drop the rod top very quickly and then snap the fish out of the line with a very fast overhead strike. IT somehow pounds home at the hook point in the very same way the hammer pounds one nail to a board. Remember always set the hook using a very strong upward jerk. Take note that the harder you fight reeling, the harder the fish fights back. After you pull the fish from the water, let the bass tire out before lunging it to the boat. In case it swims under your boat, try to extend your arms far as they could with your rod in hand, giving you an extra leverage. Always maintain the pressure and you can draw the fish out. Remember to avoid hitting the motor button during this position because you can accidentally cut your

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