Bill Delaney's Macbeth

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Bill Delaney in his essay “Shakespeare’s Macbeth” (2005) suggests that “each day is like a lifetime” (Delaney), ended by one’s slumber. He supports the claim by comparing the stages of life to the seasonal transformations (“childhood is like spring,” “youth like summer,” and “winter like old age” (Delaney)); by elucidating the phases of one’s lifetime experienced in a day (“Awakening . . . is . . . like being born” and sleep is “the death of that day’s life” (Delaney)); and by illustrating the eternity of life (each day is like a resurrection, rebirth assures another chance, awaken “temporarily innocent” (Delaney)). Delaney’s purpose is to explain the multitudinous resurrections in one life in order to compare it to Macbeth’s loss of eternal

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