Big Pig Bbq

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Big Pig Little Pig BBQ will build profits by serving great food, hiring great people, and serving the community in a clean, family friendly environment, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. Big Pig Little Pig BBQ is a dream put into action by Richard and Joshua Starr; a father-son team whose lifelong passion has been to build and operate a successful barbecue restaurant. Richard and Joshua come together with nearly half a decade of restaurant experience and with lessons learned from nearly every aspect of the restaurant industry. Their experience and know how combined with funding through personal investment and financing will enable Big Pig Little Pig BBQ to build profits and grow. Through a combination of high quality smoked meats, creative sauces, and traditional side items, and a team that truly cares about the food and the customers they feed, Big Pig Little Pig BBQ will become a regional destination. By creating an exceptional dining experience and building a legendary fan base, Richard and Joshua plan to take their brand of smoked meats and turn Big Pig Little Pig BBQ into a regional favorite. By establishing a profitable restaurant and re-investing those profits into both the business and the community, Richard and Joshua will create jobs and build up the community, all through the power of great food.…show more content…
People need to eat, and a successful and profitable restaurant will get people in their doors regularly to eat their food. Big Pig Little Pig BBQ fits into a niche restaurant segment that does not directly compete with more generalized establishments. Through a unique approach of community involvement that has proven to produce sales, Big Pig Little Pig BBQ will fill that niche for many years to

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