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The war of 1812 The war of 1812 also know as the pointless war to some, was a time where the British and Americans fought over futile things. It all started when the British started to steal American soldiers from their ships, and to impress them which means to be forced to work or join the other side. Later throughout the months, more and more Americans were being captured which concerned James Madison at the time. With more and more being captured, and Madison debating whether or not to declare war on Great Britain. Though Great Britain knew about Madison's decision to declare, they decided to stop impressing Americans. Yet by the time the message reached America, Madison had already declared war. With the War of 1812 just starting, a riot broke out on the streets of Baltimore protesting the war and its reason. Many protested and wanted it to end yet American continued to fight the British. After a month of protest in Baltimore, the first fight of the war happened in Canada. General William Hull and his troops crossed…show more content…
Americans were forced to surrender, even though losing another battle, we gained more unity and a sense of pride from our defeat. Later in November, our troops fought another battle at Queenston Heights in Canada. Our battle was victorious and there general Isaac Brock was killed in battle. With one of their generals dead, it sent a message of terror and confusion through the lines. With the general dead and the battle won, the Americans had gained a upper hand. With the new year of 1813, it brought many battles in the war. One of the major events that took place was the British and Indian uprising had occurred. The British have guns to the Indians and persuaded them to help fight the Americans. This battle was know as "The battle of Frenchtown". The Americans fought the British and Indians to only be

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