Methanex Case Summary

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Methanex is a known and valued producer within the methanol industry, however they are facing a number of issues that threaten the future success of their business, including high fluctuation within the spot price of methanol, political, government and economic issues effecting the supply and cost of raw materials, and their undiversified product strategy which focused solely on the production, transportation, and storage of methanol. The accumulation of these issues has forced Methanex CEO, John Floren to idle some of their top performing facilities across the world, resulting in over two million tons of idle production capacity, and losing millions of dollars in revenue. In order to evaluate Methanex’s current competitive position and decipher the most productive strategy to move forward with, we have performed several different analyses of both the internal company and external methanol industry including: • Threats to the methanol industry via Porter’s Five Forces, PESTEL, and SWOT Frameworks •…show more content…
2 Industry Analysis: 5 Forces

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