Bi-Weekly ILP Review Paper

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On10/1/2015, CM met with the client and completed Bi-Weekly ILP Review. Client was dressed in black slack pants and black & white long sleeves blouse. . She was well groomed. She appears friendly and cooperative. She make eyes contact and her affect were appropriate. She didn't show any sign of distress. Since inquires CM the last Bi-Weekly ILP Review how the client is doing. Client relied “good” CM also inquiries about client migraine headache. Client report she still get migraine headaches. She also mentioned she is sleeping better since she was swap from one dorm to another dorm. Client mentioned she is anxious to be place in her own place, and she wonders what is taking DHS so long to find her an apartment. CM mentioned to the client is a process and her housing package was submitted to DHS. Client PA case is active and she…show more content…
She goes twice a week Tuesday and Thursday from 12:30pm – 3:30pm. Ms. Frances Di Prossimo/Instructor. Client continues to report HTN of the aneurysm. She mentions the environment at the shelter is not good. She needs to be in an environment where she can rest peacefully. She mentions she has enough medications and she continues to take the same medications. She takes the following medications: Complera, Atrapla, 600-200-300mg, Amlodipine-Besylate 5mg, Azithromycin 250mg, Mapap/extra strength, Meopro Tart 50mg, and Aspirin 81mg.Client reported Dr. Pinigil/PCP affiliated with Harlem Hospital is monitoring client medications and wellbeing. Client reports no mental health or substance abuse history. On 5/11/2015, and psychiatric evaluation was completed by onsite Dr. Shuster and client was diagnosed with Axis1: Adjustment Disorder with Mixed Anxiety & Depressed Mood 309.28 (Primary). She was prescribed with Hydroxyzine HC1 tablet 50mg for 14 days and the client to follow up with neurology for further evaluation. Client neurology appointment it’s

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