Beyonce Vs Adele Essay

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Neither Beyonce nor Adele ever won most Grammy Awards in a single night, is one of the most influenced singers around the world. Some people have said successful people are strikingly similar. For Beyonce and Adele, that is their enthusiasm to music. However, there are numerous different aspects between Beyonce and Adele. Both Beyonce and Adele mainly sing rhythm and blues songs, whereas their performance styles couldn’t be more different. Adele is a singer-songwriter who is specifically well-known because of her attractive voice. She is dissimilar to Beyonce who is slim and has sexy dance in her song videos. Instead, Adele is media-shy and focuses on singing more than showing the abilities of playing instruments or dancing. She knows her own voice and sings uniquely. Mostly, she sings soft R&B songs which always can surprise people and touch their hearts. Therefore, people appreciate her compose soul with songs. Compared with Adele, Beyonce also performs R&B music very well, but her songs are generally vibrant and have strong beat that make you want…show more content…
When Adele was only 4 years old, her father abandons their family. Therefore, she grew up closer to her mother, who discovered Adele’s talent and enthusiasm for music, and sent her to musical school. Even though there is no musical heritage in Adele’s family, she explore her passion for music by listening to musicians songs. While Beyonce is luckier because her sister is also a singer. She played music and built a band (Destiny’s Child) with her cousin and classmates, and had her father as their band’s manager. With this advantage, she participated various local music competitions at a young age. When Beyonce was 8, she began to have training from an American Recording company. Beyonce first impressed people was as a leader singer of her band, later on she became a solo musician. Nevertheless, Adele surprised audiences because of her record that post on Internet by her

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