Belbin's Role Theory Case Study

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How Belbin’s theory of team roles relate to our group’s decision making skills: Introduction: In our allocated groups we motivated each member of the group to research an allocated topic and report our findings in set meetings organised by the group via email. We generally resolved conflicts efficiently and effectively by using a universal technique called the voting system known to resolve decision-making conflicts efficiently. I intend to discuss the formation of the team, the role of the team size, members and how we resolved conflicts using Meredith Belbin’s Team Roles. The film we had chosen we identified as an ideal management film as it had a variety of different characters, all of which had key management styles. We had identified key…show more content…
The first team role is called Plant; this member brings offers to problem-solve and has the creative skill set to produce for example, the presentation of the key ideas. The team leader in our group had made the original presentation and emailed it to everyone to edit the animation and design of the presentation. There are disadvantages as this member could lack memory skills and could be forgetful which could compromise our team’s presentation however this team member was efficient and when faced with a problem, offered solutions. The next key team role is the specialist; I conclude I was the specialist as I brought the skills, knowledge and dedication of time-keeping, organising and scheduling the meetings. Specialists may be too independent so there could be a problem as this member could only focus specifically researching their own subject of choice; however this wasn’t the case as I made sure I communicated my ideas and was open to criticism. The third team role is the monitor-evaluator; this member brings clear-headed, critical and perceptive judgments and offers variety evaluator skills, in our team we allocated the most level-headed person suitable for the role as he evaluated the film effectively by using the necessary…show more content…
There was a conflict as some members was taking their perfectionism to the extremes by editing, however we resolved this as we spent final hours editing and practiced presenting in meeting times. The seventh team role was the resource investigator; the whole team brought eager, communicative, informative extroverted views and ideas. We all helped explore the contacts that helped the project, however in some instance some team members would forget to follow up on a lead which led to lack of information we resolved this by helping each other by reminding and emailing them. The eighth team role is the team worker, the moderate, co-operative, perceptive and strategic of the group, I believe everyone in my group had the role of a cooperative team worker, and without this there would be no harmony. The final team role is the coordinator, the delegation of the team is reliant on this member as they are sophisticated in terms of maturity, confidence and has good communication skills, they promote the decision making and resolve any conflicts, in our group two individual members put themselves forward which quickly became a conflict. The team leader was chosen by a vote. In some cases coordinators might over delegate leaving themselves little work to do, however this was not the case in our team as everyone contributed effectively and performed their allocated

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