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I went the ISO Beethoven’s “Emperor” Piano concerto with Emanuel Ax, Piano on Friday September 18th, with Anna Grabowski. Going with her made the concert so much more enjoyable. When we first arrived in downtown Indianapolis you could immediately tell it was busy. Later we found out multiple festivals were going on in circle center. This caused an issue with parking and we ended up being a little late to the concert but because of this we were able to take to an usher who gave us some great info on the concert. Then both Anna and had to watch most of the first half from downstairs through a window in the lobby. The first half of the concert was finally over then we finally got to sit down inside. Our seats were in the upper second level right in the center. The seats were fantastic I could hear the music well and also see the whole symphony. The works…show more content…
These musicians and even the conductor are just so passionate about the music. That stood out the most to me, along this the piano player Emanuel Ax. He is phenomenal, watching his hands glide a crossed the pinion like it was nothing. He made it look effortless and he did it all with no music at least form what I could tell he would only look at the keys and the conductor. Even when he wasn't playing Ax was still swaying to the music. This guy loved to play and you could tell. It was just outstanding and probably the highlight of the concert for me. What makes me sad is that I had to watch from the lobby and not from our seats. After he was done, the audience clapped for so long, they wanted him to come back out for an encore, which was neat because the audience clapped for a solid five min strait. I don’t know the name of the song or any of the songs played that night. The names of the songs do not interest me at all what I am interested in is the stuff I can relate

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