Amigo Brothers Literary Analysis

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Amigo Brothers Literary Response Friend or freedom? "Friendship is greater than winning a million gold medals". Piri Thomas, the author of Amigo Brothers has intertwined the paths of 2 boys who will have to make a choice of friendship and or freedom from their poor town and go to the boxing finals. Piri Thomas tells a choice to make and show that people have to make to keep their friends or move on without them and start a new life. Thats exactly what humans do today in the real world. Remember the theme "Friendship is more important than winning a million gold medals". My first detail about the amigo brothers is Antonio and Felix's love of boxing. When Antonio finds out he has to fight his best friend Felix in the championship finals. If you win the championship finals you would go to the major finals. Antonio knows Felix will try his best to win, but he has to first talk this over with Felix to try and understand if they will still be friends or not because Antonio really wants to stay as Felix's best friend. Antonio and Felix decide to stay away from each other so it would be easier to focus on the fight.…show more content…
When the boys notice they have to fight each other it starts the first major conflict, but later on the theme starts to be formed because in the end, Antonio and Felix leave the ring arm in arm together and to complete the theme is when they left the arena before they could hear who

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