Joan Didion's On Going Home?

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Is that home? When I was a child all the kids from my neighborhood used to play together. We used to play on the streets games such as soccer, baseball and sometimes box; we had our own rules for those games and we played them for hours and hours. Another wonderful thing from my childhood is my grandma’s food. She used to cook and still cooks every food with lots of love and makes every dish so good. Home is the place where I grew up and lived almost my entire life but, my home is not only a house or a street nor a neighborhood. For me my home is the whole place including the people who live there and the things that make me feel comfortable and safe in that irreplaceable place. Home is also where my family lives. I as a foreign have two homes. In the essay “On going home” written by Joan Didion, she shows us her melancholy and sadness about her way of living because she lives with a man who has another sense of home and an innocent baby who haven’t discover it yet. Didion wants to give her daughter the sweet feeling that she has of home but she cannot do it.…show more content…
Every generation change and we have technology in our favor plus population cannot stop growing and it forces us to live one closer to each other. I am not able to give examples from this country but I can see how my country has changed since I was a kid. As kids we used to spend a lot of time on the streets walking, playing or just wasting time and most of the times was among friends. We had no internet so we had to look for any kind of information inside books or ask older people. I come from a middle-lower class so we had to use our imagination so time would pass faster and it would be way more fun. We have to use our creativity to take something like a picture from a baseball game and recreate it; we used to play baseball with around 7 bases across the street or more if there were a lot of children

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