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The Battle of Britain was a very decisive battle. The battle started on July 10, 1940. The countries involved were Germany and Britain. Germany wanted to expand its power in Europe by taking over Britain. The Battle of Britain was a significant battle in World War II because of why the battle began, the fighting styles and technologies used, and the effect it had on the war. There are many reasons why Germany attacked Britain. “Having crushed France, Poland, and Czechoslovakia in 1939 and 1940, the Germans had only to defeat the United Kingdom to win the war Western Europe” (Online, World Book). Germany only had to take over Britain to win the war. “Germans had no navy left after the conquest of Norway” (online). After the Conquest of Norway, Germany had no navy to attack with, so they had to use a different form of attack. Germany had no naval army, so they used a better form of attack. The fighting styles used by both sides of the battle were interesting. “The great success of British defense was largely due to the high quality of the fighter aircraft, Spitfires and Hurricanes (Online, World Book). The reason Britain was able to defend itself for so long was due to the Spitfires and Hurricanes. Germany used two-pronged attacks against Britain. The two-pronged attack…show more content…
“Germans didn’t know about British weaknesses and wasted July waiting for the British to give up and only attacked in August” (World Book Online). Germany thought Britain would give up, so they wasted a month before attacking. Britain relied mainly on radar when defending against German aircraft. Britain had access to radars, which lead them to win the battle. “400 German aircraft fired at the London docks, 53 were shot down by British RAF (Online, World Book). Germany sent aircraft little at a time to keep Britain weak. The British gained advantages using the radar against Germany. The effect the battle had was very

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