Still Mine Symbolism

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Before watching the film Still Mine directed by Michael McGowan, I did a little bit of background reaserched and was not overly excited to see the film. The first time I viewed the film I was not overly interested; however, after the second viewing and really listening and becoming engaged I truly started to feel and love the film. Symbolism is used in a variety of ways through out the film to further shed some light on the deeper connections and feelings portrayed by the characters. Still Mine is a basic film about an older couple experiencing mental illness and challenges against the law system; however, many symbols were used. The baseball talked about in the beginning and through out the film, I feel the baseball is a representation of security and illness. The kitchen table I feel is a portrayal of a photo album all the Knicks and crevasses representing a story line. The stop work notice…show more content…
The film starts out with a court scene of Craig Morrison speaking to the judge at one point in the conversation he asks the judge “are you a baseball fan your honor?”, this statement I feel sets a tone that somehow the baseball is an important symbol. The baseball I feel is a security blanket to Craig in a financial way and in a way that it is filled with some of his favorite memories. Craig is an older gentlemen who is middle class, the baseball that is signed by Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, because of these signatures the ball was worth quite a bit, therefore beings a fall back if finances ever go south. Another meaning I believe the baseball holds the meaning of illness, dementia is the mental illness that Irene, Craig’s wife is suffering from. Lou Gehrig one of the men that signed Craig’s baseball suffers from ALS a terminal disease. This may not have been an intentional symbol of the baseball, but I feel it does hold some
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