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The book I read over Lent was an amazing biography about Padre Pio. I felt like this book was very interesting and including tons of information about him. I learned about things I never knew before and I enjoyed it a lot. Padre Pio is a very important man and I think people should read this book if they got the chance. Padre Pio: The True Story is a life story of Francesco Forgione (1887-1968) who turns into the world popular Roman Catholic Saint, Padre Pio. Glorified by the Roman Catholic Church in 2002, Pio's life is said to be a model of splendid ethicalness and affection for others. Countless travelers visit him, one hundred thousand individuals go to his burial service and three hundred thousand go to his beatification. Pio is generally viewed by his supporters as having had unprecedented heavenly powers. Most broadly, Pio dependably wears gloves to cover his stigmata, openings alongside his feet and side that always overflow blood. Pio is even accepted to have "bilocated" or to be seen in two spots on the double. Amid World War II, a few American and Italian military pilots case to have seen Padre Pio in the sky. Bernard Ruffin, the creator and a Lutheran student of history, methodologies these…show more content…
Pio of Pietrelcina, Francesco Forgione is the fundamental character of the book, as he is the subject of the memoir. Forgione was naturally introduced to the extensive Southern Italian Forgione family in 1887 in Southern Italy. His initial family life was loaded with religion and his guardians demanded raising the majority of their kids to be sincere Roman Catholics. Forgione showed a serious enthusiasm for religion from an early age and added to a craving to join the Franciscans before long. Pio's initial life as a minister in preparing or novitiate was described by extraordinary battle and enduring under fierce powers. Yet Pio was dependably absolutely dutiful and in the long run got to be appointed, notwithstanding long haul

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