Banquo's Loyalty In Macbeth

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The author, William Shakespeare, wrote a play titled The Tragedy Macbeth, which took place in Scotland. In the play, the main character, Macbeth a respected nobleman of Scotland learns his fate when persuaded by the throne leads his morality on a path of destruction . The essential theme is honor v. disloyalty, which is made apparent through some main characters. To begin with here are two main characters that show examples of honor v. disloyalty. Starting with Banquo, a man of great integrity, loyalty, and respect for his kingdom. Banquo acts of loyalty to Macbeth throughout the whole play show examples of what makes for someone with honorable character. Which is what brought such irony, Banquo stayed loyal to the man that was very amenable, feeble, and greedy. Macbeth allows for his wants to sway his morals, wanting to be king becomes more important than being an honorable person . Although he is rising up in his kingdom, his loyal character and loyalty to the ones around him is falling short.…show more content…
One of the following actions was the murder of King Duncan committed by Macbeth and his wife. Macbeth was loyal to Duncan and even though he knew that the murder was shameful and dishonourable, his desire to be king was greater. Another action that was taken place by Macbeth was when he sent the murders to kill Macduff's family, due to Macduff fleeing Scotland. It was Macduff’s disloyalty to his king that lead to the murdering of his
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