Dbq Hotel Evacuations

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Camouflaged as Arabs, the Irgun placed a bomb in the hotel’s basement targeting the Southern Wing that housed the British offices. Then, the Irgun went ahead and sent warning using a telephone especially the one that was connected to the hotel’s switchboard. Considering bomb hoaxes that were already in public domain, King David Hotel staff ignored the warnings that were directed towards them. Earlier that day, a bomb search had already been conducted and therefore, the possibility of a bomb in the hotel was considered impossible. When the warnings intensified, a Palestine Post member made subsequent calls, and the hotel manager was informed. A few minutes before the explosion, the manager called a British officer but unfortunately, there were no evacuations. Then, there was the explosion that affected the western half of the hotel’s southern wing. Other deaths as a result of the bomb took place in the adjacent buildings and roadsides. Controversies followed over the warnings and timings and why there were no evacuations to save lives. It is essential to deliberate, in depth, the background of the hotel attack that resulted…show more content…
However, even though the project was approved, there were a series of delays as a result of political changes that were taking place. The perpetrators entered the hotel using the basement, and they had explosives that were covered in milk cans. The cans had to be placed along the columns that supported the hotel, and they had to make sure there were no people during the positioning of the bomb. The attack was canceled the last minute where the Irgun asserted that they wanted to reduce the number of civilian casualties. It was a decision that created conflicts between the Irgun leader and the

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