Ball Physics Research Paper

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The physics of a ball being thrown is very interesting. It has many different applications and involves many different forces such as acceleration and gravity. What is more interesting is the bounce of a ball being thrown different throws can affect the bounce in many different ways. A ball can be projected many different ways, by throwing, hitting, and even machines. Either way when the ball is projected it has a force that drives it through the air. This causes acceleration and during this the velocity increases also. While the ball flies through the air many different forces act it upon, downward force due to gravity, and acceleration force due to the throw. The ball raises slightly due to the force of acceleration driving it, but…show more content…
For example, some balls thrown can receive a backspin, this causes the balls velocity and rotation of the ball will reverse direction. Gravitational force causes the ball to fall to the surface making horizontal force the friction force during the bounding stage. The friction force comes from balls rough surface coming in contact with the surface rough surface. During this friction the balls temperature can rise a minute level, not enough to be noticed by the touch of a hand but enough to possibly change the travel path of the ball. The friction force is opposite the direction of slip velocity between ball and surface during impact. Slip velocity is the relative horizontal speed between the ball and its point of impact. This force acts towards the right, torqueing the ball counterclockwise after its initial impact. The slip force can cause variations in the trajectory of the ball, making it bounce towards the right or the left after the bounding stage. In some rare cases the ball can reverse direction completely. For this to happen there must be a high coefficient of friction between the ball and the surface of impact. Also the ball must have a high velocity of backspin at the time of

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