Mixed Martial Arts Case Study

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Issues or problems Minutes: 11:18 Dialogue: “Danny hates your guts. I’ve never seen anything like it.” (11:17) Issues: The problem here was Danny did not like the way Dr. Omalu works when he was handling the deads as he talk with it as if it were alive. It was explain by Cyril in the office. Solvents: This should convey the phatologist professionalism. Dr. Omalu must be consistent in his work. That is to have a morally reason and be logical. Being logical and consistent is the essence of moral reasoning. The solutions are that Cyril have asked Dr. Omalu to change about of his lifestyle and met another person other than his work place that is a girl. Dr. Omalu explains that it is his way of working as he respects his patients. His patients…show more content…
Introduction Martial arts are widely known with the word taekwando, judo, kung fu and many others specifically according to each country. Different countries have different martial arts according to their believed. Time passes by and a lot of improvements have been made. Now there are even MMA. MMA is also known as mixed martial arts. In another word it is a full-contact combat sport that allows the athletes to use both striking and grapping techniques whether it is both standing and on the ground. It took place worldwide through the Europe, Japan and today even Korea. In this sport, the competitors were pitted and will fight against one another with few rules. Later during the fight, they will start using more than one skills and martial arts in order to counter the opponent. Fighters employed multiple martial arts into their style while the other promoters are pressured in order to ensure the safety of the competitors during the fight. They still have to follow all the rules despite of trying to win one…show more content…
Some even began to take martial art classes after seeing how Ann fights. As an idol of other women, she does not only help the women but also the organizations. We know that athletes play an important as well as a very special role in some company or organizations. Athletes being a role model for others have special attention on the outside world. Everything they do and have been being well watched. People would be really interested to know their personal favourite athlete especially the things they’re wearing, what they eat and also everything that they do. Through this mixed martial arts, Ann has become an inspiration nationwide. Throughout the country, people have been trying to contact her saying they were inspired and that they were also interested to join self-defence activity. For her, being inside the cage is not solely walking into it and start fighting. Inside the cage, the way she fights doesn’t determine how she really is and how she really acts on the outside. As we know, different people have different personality and handle their own self differently. Athletes like Ann herself have different character especially inside the

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