Autometers Alliance Case Study

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1 INTRODUCTION Autometers Alliance Ltd was incorporated in the year 1959 and the first plant was setup at Ballabhgarh in Haryana. It was primarily for automotive instruments. Since then company has never looked and has been establishing itself as a big player in this field. It has diversified in the year 1988 and started manufacturing traction equipment for Indian Railways. It has opened a new production facitily in 1988 at Noida. Then It went on start its own research & development center at Noida. In year 1992, Research & Development center of Noida was recognized by Ministry of Government of Indian. 1996 was another year of excellence for AAL as it obtained ISO:9001 certification. In the later years, It has diversified its product offerings and has been offering products such as GPS based passenger information system, improvised vacuum circuit breaker etc. Alliance: The core philosophy of Autometers Alliance Ltd. is Alliance and that is the reason of word “Alliance” in the name itself. It believes that for a holistic growth of any organization, one needs to make alliances which benefits both the partners and hence…show more content…
Gupta. He said that performance appraisal activities are based on the goal setting theory where employees are judged on the basis of the goals decided and frozen after the discussion between employee and his manager. Employees have two performance appraisal in a year one in September and another in March. It is a two ways process in which first employee rate his or her performance on the scale of 5 and in the second level manager rates the employee on the scale of 5 on the various goals. After the rating is complete, manager and employee are engaged in the discussion where manager explains the reason for his rating and employee defends himself/herself. After the discussion rating is frozen for the cycle. Cumulative rating of two cycles generates the final score of

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